Open positions

The Center for High Throughput Organic Synthesis at Palacky University is currently accepting applications for PhD students and postdoctoral fellowships. The official language of the Center is English and majority of young and middle age generation in Czech Republic speaks fluent English.

PhD students

Applicants for PhD study of organic chemistry must hold M.Sc. degree in chemistry. They are expected to have adequate knowledge of basic chemical disciplines (inorganic, physical and analytical chemistry, biochemistry) and advanced knowledge and practical experiences in organic chemistry, especially organic synthesis methodology and mechanisms of organic reactions. Applicants are also presumed to have adequate knowledge of method of instrumental analysis. Applicants must prove their ability to communicate in English.

Postdoctoral fellowships

Postdoctoral fellowships are currently available for one year in the first instance with an option for extension based on mutual agreement. A strong background in organic synthesis and associated techniques is essential. Applicants are also presumed to have experience with purification and full characterization of organic compounds. The successful candidate will be required to work on one of the following projects:

1. Development of novel synthetic routes for efficient access to drug-like heterocyclic compounds and their use in combinatorial syntheses of libraries on solid phase.
2. Complexity oriented syntheses of compounds capable of disrupting protein-protein interactions.
3. Synthesis of bisheterocyclic systems including nucleic acid component in their structure.
4. Diversity oriented synthesis of tricyclic fused bisheterocycles

Please send applications by email including a list of publications and two references to . Selected candidates will be contacted for a phone interview. Learn more about the oldest university in Moravia and its historical city of Olomouc with more than 25,000 students here

Living expenses in Olomouc


Student hostels/dormitories:
Rooms with 1 to 3 beds per room, price 4500 - 10000 CZK/month depending on location and furnishing. Standard equipment - free internet, laundry, lunch counter available in each hostel campus. Parking sites in front of buildings, public traffic close to each site. Please, check the University accommodation web page here
Private flats/apartments for rent are available. Check apartment availablity here

Catering Services

The price for catering at Palacky University canteens and cafeterias is 90 - 120 CZK per day (includes lunch and dinner, no breakfest). More detailes here. Lunch menu in restaurant varies between 65 - 200 CZK.

Total average living expenses

Total average living expenses in Olomouc according to long term experiences are 300 - 400 EUR/month for students (considering numerous student discounts) and 550 - 650 EUR/month for staff. Living expenses include accommodation, catering, travel, standard entertainment (movie, concert, sport event). Applicants may find interesting to compare cost of living here